When creating writes history...

Since 1967, Miltos Soldatos workshop is offering life and personality to every space, by “giving life” to every material with uncompared skill and timeless sense. In new constructions, old buildings, in places where we live or we create the unique, artistic look of the experienced craftsman is enough to make us dreaming every day, with simple touches or complex styles.

During this career, Miltos Soldatos technic, passed on to his son, Constantine Soldatos and leaves an imprint in hundreds of buildings throughout Greece, with unaffected interventions, staying in time.
Moreover, this is their uniqueness, that their customers trust them: They are creating art for the space,, and not space for art. They adapt their experience and specialized techniques, that apply to all sites, classical or modern style, creating a harmonious whole which make the places, the extension of our personality.

Today, Miltos and Constantine Soldatos continue to create, against standardization, giving a vision in new constructions and life into old buildings and objects.

With dedication and excellent materials we are here, to add a little of our art to your own space too, putting sensual values and a dream touch to your everyday life!

IMG_2070a sign