Art that "animates" your space!

The basic tasks we undertake are:

Painting of interior and exterior walls of buildings, from simple color or freshening up specialized work (homes, schools, hotels, shopping centers, office buildings, public buildings).

Restoration and rehabilitation of neoclassical and listed buildings.

Styles (coloring techniques) - Imitation (wood, marble, fabric, leather, stone).

Gilding - Murals - ceiling paintings..

Design and manufacture of decorative, wall patterns for each style.

Maintenance - Restoration of furniture and objects.

Thanks to customers confidence, today Miltos and Constantine Soldatos workshop is one of the most renowned companies in the field of architecture, in interior design and building rehabilitation, providing uncomared quality work, with friendly cost. Using high quality and specialized materials, we ensure high resistance to all our creations, in every region and every condition of use (islands and mountainous Greece, moisture, extreme cold, exposure to possible constant sunshine, wind, sea salt, etc.).

Thanks to the experience and technical expertise of our co-workers, we undertake even the most specific cases, covering every need immediately, anywhere in Greece our client is. From the first stage of building, to the buildings that were left in time, but worth to them “life” again, our team is near to you with devotion.

Whether you are an individual worker or a professional, we will design together the solution that will enhance the sense of your space, adding artistic value.